Heat+Photon Controller

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Press the Power button to turn ON the controller. TEMP and TIMER indicators will light up on the screen.

2. TEMPERATURE Set and Adjust
Press TEMP button once to turn HEAT ON. Press TEMP again to initiate temperature adjustment mode (temperature indicator will start flashing). Set the desired temperature and press TEMP again to save the setting.

TEMP -> TEMP -> + or – -> TEMP

3. TIMER Set and Adjust
Press TIME button to initiate time adjustment mode ( time indicator will start flashing). Set the desired time and press TIME button again to save the setting.

TIME -> + or – -> Time

Press PHOTON button to turn lights ON or OFF

5. °F or °C Units Set
Press and hold TIME button for 6 sec to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Press and hold POWER button for 10 sec. The controller will shut down and turn back ON automatically

Please allow up to 40 minutes for the surface to reach the maximum temperature. Once flashing temperature has stopped, the indicator displays the actual temperature measured at the core of the mat. Press and hold + or – button to reach desired numbers faster.

HealthyLine produces almost 100 mat variations with different sizes, power, and functions. We use over a dozen different controllers. If your mat came with a different one, they all work similarly. However, they may not substitute each other even if they fit in the jack. Please DO NOT switch controllers between different mats.

First, please plug your controller deep into the mat’s jack and then into a power outlet. This unit is under warranty. If anything happens just send us an email to info@healthyline.com with a picture of the controller and detailed information about the concern.

Remember, the mat is made of many functional layers. It takes 5-to-25 minutes for the stones to heat up completely. Keep the mat covered with a blanket and/or lie on the mat to make it heat up faster.

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